A color scheme for you to love. ♡ https://love.holllo.cc
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Love Dark Preview 1

Love Light Preview 1

Love Dark Preview 2

Love Light Preview 2


Via Atom

  1. Head to your Settings by clicking on Edit -> Preferences.
  2. Head on the Install section.
  3. Switch the search to look for Themes.
  4. Search for love-dark or love-light and install the syntax and UI themes.
  5. Done! ♥

Via the Command Line

  1. Install the wanted themes with apm install:
  • apm install love-dark-syntax
  • apm install love-dark-ui
  • apm install love-light-syntax
  • apm install love-light-ui
  1. Done! ♥

From Source

Requires NodeJS and Yarn to be installed.

With a cloned repository and your current working directory at the root of it:

  1. Install the dependencies with yarn.
  2. Build the theme with yarn build:atom.
  3. Link the wanted themes with apm link:
  • apm link source/atom/love-dark-syntax
  • apm link source/atom/love-dark-ui
  • apm link source/atom/love-light-syntax
  • apm link source/atom/love-light-ui
  1. Done! ♥