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  Bauke 46662007d3
Publish Love to open-vsx.org 7 months ago
  Bauke 0a1cecda0d
Add a CSS file with the colors defined as custom properties. 11 months ago
  Bauke edde8e7f4d
Fix VS Code's image paths one more time. 11 months ago
  Bauke 9dbc6b19e8
Fix VS Code's image paths. 11 months ago
  Bauke 220b161ecb
Update VS Code packaging utility. 11 months ago
  Bauke 6cb496859d
Remove the Atom theme. I've had nothing but problems trying to publish this, and now I'm done trying. 11 months ago
  Bauke 6fecde1cdf
Update some more stuff, bump all the versions. 11 months ago
  Bauke b8bd49ff94
Move to self-hosted Gitea, update dependencies, clean up stuff. 11 months ago
  Bauke 21c2ea2a1d
Update the Tauon theme for Tauon 5.5.0. 1 year ago
  Bauke 98d4c7978c
Update the ReadMe to point to the new links. 1 year ago
  Bauke 9af072640b
Add individual pages for integrations with previews and installation instructions. 1 year ago
  Bauke e58677993a
Fix up some more Tauon colors. 1 year ago
  Bauke 4cfd412482
Fix up some Tauon colors. 1 year ago
  Bauke be39c3b9ff
Update Atom to use the new GitHub org name. 1 year ago
  Bauke baa1239450
Create the Kitty theme. 1 year ago
  Bauke f5adf7cf5f
add the new dedicated bottom title color. 1 year ago
  Bauke 7a73abdc61
Add the Sublime Text and Tauon links. 1 year ago
  Bauke 15a215a2ae
Create the Tauon theme. 1 year ago
  Bauke 9bb181cda4
Fix a comment. 1 year ago
  Bauke 1697389c39
Add some space between list items. 1 year ago
  Bauke 3531243f59
Create the Sublime Text color scheme. 1 year ago
  Bauke 47635814a3
Add the License to be included in the themes. 1 year ago
  Bauke 9dcc40a162
Add a link for the Atom theme. 1 year ago
  Bauke 7efa0e9bab
Create the Atom theme. 1 year ago
  Bauke d2c1094810
Add the VSCode theme link to the main ReadMe. 1 year ago
  Bauke 5491413599
Add the VSCode theme link to the site. 1 year ago
  Bauke e59f593245
Adjust various things for the VSCode theme. 1 year ago
  Bauke d3a30d1bef
Create the VSCode Love theme. 1 year ago
  Bauke 1a1d4bad95
Add the favicon (fixes #4). 1 year ago
  Bauke b38c051f93
Only run the Pages script on master. 1 year ago
  Bauke ffdc8f0a45
Add the test script. 1 year ago
  Bauke 8d94dd95c6
Initial commit. ♥ 1 year ago