A very minimal `.env` parser for Deno.
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A very minimal .env parser for Deno.

Requires --allow-read and --allow-env permissions (for obvious reasons).


import dotenv from "https://deno.land/x/minimal_dotenv/minimal_dotenv.ts";

await dotenv();

// Optionally, you can specify the filename/full path:
// await dotenv(".env.different");

// With .env file containing MINIMAL_DOTENV="working" outputs:
// minimal_dotenv is working
console.log(`minimal_dotenv is ${Deno.env.get("MINIMAL_DOTENV")}`);
Testing & Coverage

To test and generate code coverage (requires LCOV‘s genhtml to output HTML).

# Run the tests and emit coverage data.
deno test --allow-read --allow-env --coverage=.coverage
# Convert Deno's output coverage to LCOV.
deno coverage --lcov .coverage > .coverage/report.lcov
# Convert LCOV to HTML.
genhtml -o .coverage/html .coverage/report.lcov
# Open the coverage in your browser.
firefox .coverage/html/index.html


Licensed with the AGPL-3.0-or-later license.