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  Bauke 0a1f6f2ef1
Adjust colors. 1 month ago
  Bauke abc9e983dd
Change shadow pattern color. 1 month ago
  Bauke ed739a3421
Adjust colors. 1 month ago
  Bauke b4c1daeea9
Continue without cover art if it can't be found. 1 month ago
  Bauke cd88730d1c
Swap GitHub link label. 1 month ago
  Bauke 110bc4eb28
Add GitHub link. 1 month ago
  Bauke 3426ba66c0
Return early if there is no current listen. 1 month ago
  Bauke 4a4188243b
Make sure image is defined before using it. 1 month ago
  Bauke 2b92f2d5be
Move divider to insertHtml function. 1 month ago
  Bauke e275324581
Add the driftingnebula logo. 1 month ago
  Bauke 5d5f305514
Add driftingnebula. 1 month ago
  Bauke 7a11421702
Make ListenBrainz 100% at smaller widths. 1 month ago
  Bauke a89419f3b9
Add labels & titles to contact links. 1 month ago
  Bauke 2d2778df9d
Replace usage of null with undefined. 1 month ago
  Bauke 8c8c8970d8
Fix a:hover. 1 month ago
  Bauke 11a3a083db
Make sure cover art is always https. 1 month ago
  Bauke 4fe695f90c
Switch deploy command to pnpm. 1 month ago
  Bauke 3c054bdaf0
Add cover art to ListenBrainz releases that have it. 1 month ago
  Bauke 1a764d2926
Uppercase name. 1 month ago
  Bauke 05c0637d69
Add patterned shadow. 1 month ago
  Bauke d0e08574cb
Change spacing. 1 month ago
  Bauke 107a2b762e
Add alt and title attributes to ListenBrainz image. 1 month ago
  Bauke 6afa125e46
Make ListenBrainz anchor fit width to content. 1 month ago
  Bauke c8fa1c5d76
Adjust default a:hover style. 1 month ago
  Bauke 10305c021a
Add anchor text-decoration. 1 month ago
  Bauke 260cb50bb5
Switch to grid layout for contact links. 1 month ago
  Bauke 55f523fe48
Add focus styling. 1 month ago
  Bauke 514b10ef84
Change the ListenBrainz style slightly. 1 month ago
  Bauke 5e2d50af5b
Replace colors with CSS custom properties. 1 month ago
  Bauke 475e4b3c1b
Add responsive containers to page components. 1 month ago
  Bauke 375e9be9cf
Link to the correct image. 1 month ago
  Bauke 2d8611aa06
Switch to @use everywhere. 1 month ago
  Bauke f3f77b6d5a
Uppercase name. 1 month ago
  Bauke c900caaf1c
Add a favicon. 1 month ago
  Bauke 06f17f7b93
Update dependencies. 1 month ago
  Bauke b8cdc833f3
Separate stuff out. 5 months ago
  Bauke 97ccb7539b
Fix stuff. 5 months ago
  Bauke b3f855440f
Make ListenBrainz loop. 5 months ago
  Bauke a03db59c65
Don't insert ListenBrainz element if no listens are available. 5 months ago
  Bauke 203e37c35f
Remove Mastodon. 5 months ago
  Bauke 4849fb9ebc
Add ListenBrainz currently playing song. 5 months ago
  Bauke 72fd3351b3
Redo. 5 months ago
  Bauke 7918707dd9
Change style. 5 months ago
  Bauke 4b389f9d9e
Update dependencies. 5 months ago
  Bauke 5a6d1e8fc7
Add userstyles back. 8 months ago
  Bauke 422b9452a2
Add yew-router. 8 months ago
  Bauke 78b3fe8065
Add Netlify redirects to / 8 months ago
  Bauke 8597ec3f37
Start over with Rust. 8 months ago
  Bauke e3089afaf1
Change license to AGPL-3.0-or-later. 9 months ago
  Bauke 1281d45007
Add Discord invite link. 9 months ago